About J & B Estates

Welcome to J & B Estates
Founded in 1983, J & B Estates started life in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Over the years J & B Estates has become well-known for embracing change. The forward-thinking, innovative attitude is designed to offer professional, efficient service on a friendly level. J & B Estates has aggressively explored the commercial and management sectors of the property market at the coast and has undergone substantial growth, both in terms of client base as well as staff compliment. J & B Estates have the advantage of having a unique insight into the property market, through the sheer volume of properties that are available for sale and to let.
J & B Estates is a fully independent Namibian Real Estate Agency with over 25 years' experience in buying, selling and managing property portfolios. We are committed to professionally manage all fixed properties on behalf of our investors through a well-equipped, experienced and motivated team. Our company has distinguished itself through honesty, dedication to our clients and hard work as a formidable force and as leaders in the property business in Walvis Bay, Longbeach and Dolphin Beach.

The key reasons to use J&B estates:
  1. J&B Estates was established in 1982, with over 37 years' experience we at J&B Estates are the most experienced and most recognised realtors at the coast.
  2. We have the best trained and hard-working agents in the business boasting more than 140 years' experience in Walvis Bay and Longbeach.
  3. We provide comprehensive inspections using the leading industry software.
  4. World class marketing tools creating both video and picture advertising material decreasing the lapsed time between sales.
  5. Over 10 years' experience in property development and consulting, we provide all potential clients involved in the industry with sound information they can trust.
  6. Rentals, Body Corporates, Sales and Developments are our speciality.